Proiecte Administratie


  Freedom House Romania a urmarit dezvoltarea sectorului administrativ autohton in principal prin initiative care au avut ca scop ridicarea gradului de profesionalism al functionarilor publici si cultivarea unei atitudini deschise, care sa permita un dialog constructiv atat intre diferite organe administrative cat si intre acestea si mass-media.

  In acest sens au fost adusi specialisti straini, atat din Statele Unite cat si din Europa, care sa conduca training-uri sau conferinte prin care sa impartaseasca omologilor lor romani experienta practicii din institutiile lor. La randul lor, functionarii romani au avut ocazia sa plece din tara in stagii de pregatire si sa-si largeasca astfel orizontul profesional.

  S-a urmarit de asemenea editarea de materiale de referinta pentru practicieni din domeniul administrativ, precum Comunicare publică. Criterii profesionale în alocare publicităţii de stat si Ghid de bună practică pentru instituţiile publice – Achiziţia serviciilor de publicitate.


  Programe Administratie

Mission Statement
Freedom House is an independent nongovernmental organization that supports the expansion of freedom in the world. Freedom is possible only in democratic political systems in which the governments are accountable to their own people; the rule of law prevails; and freedoms of expression, association, and belief, as well as respect for the rights of minorities and women, are guaranteed. Freedom ultimately depends on the actions of committed and courageous men and women. We support nonviolent civic initiatives in societies where freedom is denied or under threat and we stand in opposition to ideas and forces that challenge the right of all people to be free. Freedom House functions as a catalyst for freedom, democracy and the rule of law through its analysis, advocacy and action.